About Us

The ASTA Philosophy

Only a person who strives to perform with integrity, respect and competence in each and every task will ever achieve the ultimate level of personalised service delivery for their Clients.

Rare exceptions aside, very few employees of major companies can maintain this level of service delivery on a dedicated and constant basis. However to a small business owner this is not only the key to business growth and success, as a matter of survival in a competitive market it is a principle of operation on a daily basis.

ASTA uses this principle to combine the unmatched dedication of small business owners with national infrastructure to provide the highest level of service to our Clients.

Using this philosophy ASTA Group is a market leader in providing personalised service to discerning Clients, where attention to detail, active claim progression and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to their unique Clientele.

Company History

The five original Directors of ASTA Group are experienced and well-known professionals in the insurance industry and had all been involved in various independent loss adjusting groups and networks for over 10 years before ASTA was formed.

They noticed there had been significant changes over recent years and a “corporate shift” was becoming apparent within these cluster groups. However, this change was contrary to the core beliefs and values held by the majority of independent firms, all of whom collectively agreed that the co-operative model is conducive to the best outcome.

In sharing this vision, on the 1st May 2013 the Principals of five key loss adjusting practices around Australia launched ASTA Group to the insurance market. The company is built as a co-operative to unite multiple independent loss adjusting firms, each hand-picked for their qualified experience, specialties and strategic location.

In 2015 Mainland Claims Management, a highly respected and experienced loss adjusting group in New Zealand, joined ASTA Group to form the ASTA New Zealand network. This key partnership in expanding the operation internationally has provided significant strategic and resourcing benefits for both countries.

ASTA Group is now recognised as the leading independent Loss Adjusting group in Australasia servicing our clients from over 40 locations, all bound by the ASTA Service Standards and offering assurance of the highest standard of service delivery.

Our Partners